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Since our inception, Teslarom Engineering
has been totally focused on building a strategic, quality research practice.

Our company, Teslarom Engineering R&D Ltd. Co., was founded in 2013 in Istanbul/TURKEY with three academician partners, who has an ongoing partnership since 2011, to generate new engineering approaches to connect the theoretical environment of the university with the practical industrial life.


As Teslarom Ltd., Our mission is to use all our learnings and gained experiences to become a respected and well known facility. We have strong connections with Technical Universities and we continuously exchange ideas and relentlessly pursue new projects with our partners at the Universities. Our vision is to become a world-wide company with several sub-branches in engineering field. 


We see big opportunities ahead, and we are well positioned to take advantage of these opportunities with our remarkable set of assets and strengths. We have the people, the plan, and the foundation in place to help us succeed on the next phase of the journey.


Best Regards,

Eren Kayaoglu  (MSc)
  • Eren Kayaoglu Linkedin page

Engineering Supervisor

Mechanical Design

Graduated from Yildiz Technical University. He earned Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2009 from Istanbul Technical University (ITU). He is a member of UCTEA Chamber of Mechanical Engineers. He carried out his work on "Wire Rope Shock and Vibration Isolators" into PhD thesis. He's been in collaboration with "3D Proteknik", a rapid prototyping company, advancing his design skills. -CV-

Salih Gülsen  (PhD)
  • Salih Gulsen Linkedin page

Technical Director

Software & Automation 

He is the technical director of sofware & automation projects in Teslarom. He has a background in programming and industrial automation. Salih is a skilled and experienced "CLD", NI Certified LabVIEW Developer, and also earned his Mechatronics PhD degree from ITU Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. He is now working as a senior R&D Engineer at "Dal Teknik".

Adem Candas  (MSc)
  • Adem Candas Linkedin page
  • Adem Candas ITU Faculty webpage

Technical Director

CAE Specialist

Adem is the director of CAD/CAE operations in Teslarom. An expert on computer aided engineering. He graduated from ITU in 2012 with a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering.  He is a PhD candidate and lecturer at ITU. He had broaden his research topics and started to study on peridynamics in University of Glasgow. 

Advisory Board

Hilmi Hoskan
Chemical Eng. MSc.
  • KACUV webpage

International Trade

Representation and Marketing Expert

Graduated from Haydarpasa High School and completed his education as a Chemical Engineer (MSc.) in 1977. Ten years later he started textile machinery representation. Later he founded his own company in the same field. By the year 2000 he retired by liquidating his businesses because of the disease of his son. He is a member of Fenerbahce Sports Club and a founding member of The Hope Foundation for Children with Cancer (KACUV).

C. Erdem Imrak
Mechanical Eng. PhD.
  • Erdem Imrak Linkedin page
  • Erdem Imrak ITU Faculty webpage

Full Time Professor at Istanbul Technical University

A fulltime Professor in ITU, Prof. Imrak received the BSc, MSc, and PhD degrees in Mechanical Engineering from ITU in 1990, 1992 and 1996 respectively. He has carried out research into materials handling and especially lift systems (Vertical Transportation Systems). Currently his activities include: a Member of the IAEE; a Member of the OIPEEC, a Member of Chamber of Mechanical Engineers in Turkey; a Member of Steering & Consulting Committee of Asansor Dunyasi Magazine and a Member of International Committee of Elevatori and Rapporteur from Turkey.

Ayberk Ayaz
Aquaculture Eng. MSc.
  • Ayberk Ayaz Linkedin page

Foreign Trade Manager

Technical Specialist Exhibitor

Graduated from Istanbul University and now working as the Foreign Trade Manager in Akvaplast. Ayberk is a skilled expert on site and office. He has visited, been and individually worked in 35 different countries around the globe and he regularly participates International Fairs as an Exhibitor annually. Recently, he is majorly responsible of turnkey delivery projects and equipment sales, aftersales, installation & marketing activities of his company by controlling the financial flows.

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