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Fundamentals of Strain Gauge Technology / Practice Workshop on Installation and Strain Measurement

Strain gauge course combines both theoretical knowledge and practical skills for managers, design and test engineers, technicians, teachers, and anyone else involved in stress analysis testing or in transducer development. This workshop covers the basics knowledge required to select the correct strain gauge, wiring and analysis skills to achieve the best possible results. The course schedule and venue are flexible and can be customized to suit the needs of your organization.

Introduction to Vibration, Acoustic Theory and Practical Applications

Within the scope of the training, the following topics will be presented with theoretical and practical information:

* Basic Vibration & Acoustic Information

* Vibration Measurement and Analysis

* Active and Passive Vibration Isolation Applications

* Audio Waves, Frequency, Wave Length, Sound Speed

* Acoustic Measurements and Isolation Techniques

* dB Concept, Sound Level, Sound Intensity, Sound Power

* Sound Fields, Voice Frequency Analysis

* Sound and Noise Measurements

* Practical Applications

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