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Design & Engineering Services

Structural Analysis (FEM - CAE)

Mechanical simulation of structures. Preparing CAD models for meshing and analysis. Structural Analysis of mechanical systems that are subject to static or dynamic loads; including stationary, transient, eigenmode/modal, parametric, quasi-static, frequency-response, buckling, and prestressed analyses. Simulating in computer environment, under supervision of Eren Kayaoglu and Adem Candas PhD (Cand).

Vibration Isolation & Shock Mitigation Systems

Design and development of vibration isolation-damping systems. Specialized on Wire Rope Isolators (WRI). Design of shock mitigation products and manufacturing, under supervision of Eren Kayaoglu (MSc).

Product & Mechanical Design

Product development. Selection of materials. Conceptual & engineering design and drafting of parts or assemblies. Ability to import a range of industry-standard CAD formats. Parametric modelling. Optimization is possible for geometric dimensions, boundary loads, or material properties. Reverse engineering, virtual product and master model forming, under supervision of Eren Kayaoglu (MSc).

Engineering Measurements - Data Acquisition & Signal Processing

Vibration monitoring and machine protection systems. Engineering measurements using sensor systems. Data logging, sampling and signal processing. Benchmarking of products. Dimensional metrology & quality control. 3D scanning.

Automation & Control

Industrial automation and monitoring systems. Wireless sensor systems. Data logging, sampling, signal processing software, interface design, control projects under supervision of Salih Gulsen, PhD.

Lift Consultancy

Lift design and management. Providing expertise in the field of moving people and materials vertically. This expertise is delivered under the care of Prof. Dr. Erdem Imrak from Istanbul Technical University. We are retained by clients to undertake the detailed planning, specification and oversight of delivery of the vertical transportation systems for new high rise towers and site projects.

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