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Foreign Trade & Representation

We can widen the opportunity of distributing your products, services and applications in Turkey and likely in Middle East Region.

We look for collaborative business projects which focus on trading of green, smart, innovative and advanced products.

Areas of Scope
  • UAV & Smart Drone Systems​

  • Acoustic & Vibration Isolation

  • Active & Passive Vibration Control

  • Vibration Monitoring & Machine Protection Systems

  • ​Metrology, Transducers and Sensors: Accelerometers, Strain Gages, Load Cells, Tachometers, Laser Vibrometers

  • Data Acquisition - Signal Processing Systems & Softwares (ADC & DAC)

  • Visual and Interactive Show Technologies​

  • Smart & Innovative Consumer Products

  • Modular Equipments

  • Green Energy Systems

  • Renewable Energy Systems

  • Kickstart Projects

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